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1. An Intelligent Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Image Processing
Pages : 1-4
Kajal Lanke, Pratiksha Kalamkar, Rasal Jayashri, Marne Shweta
Abstract | PDF
2. Certificate-less Encryption in Cloud
Pages : 5-7
Siddharth Singh, Aaishwarya Sahu, Manoj Bhoye, Prof. D. R. Pawar
Abstract | PDF
3. Automation of Distribution Grid for Fault Detection and Isolation
Pages : 8-10
Shital Gade, Rupali Bairagi, Pooja Gangale, Prof. Sandeep Kadam
Abstract | PDF
4. A Brief Review On Dynamic Analysis Of Rotating Shaft With Crack
Pages : 11-13
Mr. Shinde Vikram Vitthal, Prof. Sonawane S. A
Abstract | PDF
5. An Android Based Mobile Framework for Student Alert Notification
Pages : 14-16
Sagar Gore, Nitesh Sonawane, Sayali Pawar, Mrunal Nerkar, Prof. N.B.Pokale
Abstract | PDF
6. Review On: Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multichannel Decoded LBP
Pages : 17-20
Prajakta Kale, Prof. P.A.Satarkar
Abstract | PDF
7. A Power Factor Correction Technique Using Boost Converter
Pages : 21-25
Mr.Kachare S.M, Mr.Narale D.V, Mr.Pawane K.A, Prof Pawar.P.B
Abstract | PDF
8. Optimal Solar Power Tracking System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Pages : 26-30
Mr. Galande Sujit, Mr. Gaikwad Mahesh, Mr. Gaikwad Amar, Mr.Hole Nagnath, Mr. Bodhe Anil
Abstract | PDF
9. Attribute Based Image Search Reranking
Pages : 31-33
Mr.Nikhil Pawar, Prof. Ashok Korke
Abstract | PDF
10. Intelligent Assessment: A System That Predicts The Performance of The Student
Pages : 34-36
Atharva Kuwar, Nikita Srivastava, Rohit Bholankar, Simran Singh, Prof. Rupesh Mahajan
Abstract | PDF
11. An Adaptive Model to Enhance Student Performance Analysis
Pages : 37-40
Atharva Kuwar, Nikita Srivastava, Rohit Bholankar, Simran Singh, Prof. Rupesh Mahajan
Abstract | PDF
12. Smart Parking App Using Slot Allocation & Reservations
Pages : 41-43
Ajinkya Kulkarni, Shivanjali Nayab, Priyanka Patil, Sukumar Thorat, Prof.S.S.Bere
Abstract | PDF
13. Power Quality Enhancement in Distributed Generation Using D-STATCOM
Pages : 44-47
Kanse Mayuri Jyotiram , Kamble Prajkta Satish, Javale Shital Tanaji
Abstract | PDF
14. Daily Activity Based Friend Recommendation System
Pages : 48-50
Suraj Pandey, Anuja Rajput , Apurva Raje, Rishav Kumar, Prof. Pradip Shewale
Abstract | PDF
15. Review On: A Web Authentication using QR code and Cam: Auth
Pages : 51-53
Gurav Saiprasad A, Madhavi Tejas J., Pasalkar Nikhil K., Prof. D.A.Lokare
Abstract | PDF
16. Review on Urea Prediction System using Fuzzy Logic
Pages : 54-56
Sanket Khaire , Pavankumar Padole , Rajanikant Bore , Rakesh Koli, Prof. Dhanashri Kulkarni
Abstract | PDF
17. Fuel from Water to Run an IC Engine Vehicle
Pages : 57-60
Vaibhav Khopade, Suraj Prajapati, Mayur Gavade, Rohit Salunke, Prof.A.M.Kasar.
Abstract | PDF
18. Intelligent Assessment: Smart Attendance management using Face Recognition
Pages : 61-66
Gauri Yadav, Sonal Satpute, Rakshita Chinnadkathi, Rashmi Bhutada, Prof. Vaibhav Muddebihalkar
Abstract | PDF
19. Design, Manufacturing and Prototype of Regenerative Suspension System
Pages : 67-70
Thorat Manoj, Dal Tushar, Birajdar Rajesh, Chaudhari Mahesh, Prof. Kasar A. M
Abstract | PDF
20. Real-Time Fire Detection using Combination of three Fire Parameters: Color, Motion and Shape in Conjunction with the use of Fuzzy Logic
Pages : 71-74
Animesh Kumar, Bhalerao Vijay, Abhishek Kumar, Monu Kumar
Abstract | PDF
21. Design and Development of a System for Measuring Rack Gear Parameter Using Inductive Sensor
Pages : 75-79
Honmore V.P., Bhavsar R.A., Auti V.C., Dhobi A.A., Prof. Kulkarni S.R.
Abstract | PDF
22. SMS Jukebox
Pages : 80-82
Parag Govardhan, Sanmit Gokhale, Shubham Wattamwar, Nalin Vaidya, Prof.M.A. Pulse.
Abstract | PDF
23. Design and Development of Universal Metal Bender
Pages : 83-86
Pratik Sable, Rajat Sharma, Pritam Punde, Pratiksha Bansode, Prof.R.D.Shelke
Abstract | PDF
24. Design and Development of Universal Metal Bender
Pages : 87-89
Prashant Songire, Jayesh Patil, Pankaj Patil, Shubham Ghodake
Abstract | PDF
25. Automatic Braking System
Pages : 90-93
Kiran Bankar, Samit Chavan, Ashutosh Harnekar, Sambhaji Kadam, Prof. N.B Survase
Abstract | PDF
26. Vibration Analysis by Using Wheatstone Bridge Circuit
Pages : 94-97
Rahul S Jangam, Vinode S. Mugle, Parmeshwar G. Mote, Vaibhav A. Nehete, Prof. S.R.Kulkarni
Abstract | PDF
27. Design, Manufacturing & Analysis of Aquarium Filter & Its Mould
Pages : 98-102
Ghotkule Omkar R., Kamble Sagar S. Dimble Kiran B., Jain Pankaj D., DongareVikram S., Prof S.S. Sable
Abstract | PDF
28. Foot Operated Steering For Handicap People
Pages : 103-106
Ashish Patil, Chetan Regade, Darshan Sabale, Shashank Dandage, Prof. S. B.Lande
Abstract | PDF
29. Design and Manufacturing of Automatic Profile Cutting Machine
Pages : 107-109
Sangram Tikode, Vilas Patil, Ketansinh Thakur, Varun Suryawanshi, Rohit Shinde, Prof. Swapnil. B.Lande
Abstract | PDF
30. An Efficient Method for Rural Electrification Grid Design
Pages : 110-112
Archana Kanawade, Pooja Patil, Reshma Satpute, Harshal Lakesar, Pooja Mane
Abstract | PDF
31. Water Weed Harvest Robo
Pages : 113-117
Chorghe P.B., Sutar K.B., Shirke R.D., Shendge D.M., Prof. Surwase N.B.
Abstract | PDF
32. An Onion Grading Machine
Pages : 118-121
Nikhil V. Kamthe., Akshay M. Kapare, Rupesh S. Kamble, Anil H. Kamble, Prof. S.G. Khomane
Abstract | PDF
33. Optimization in Comfort Conditions of Silkworm Rearing House
Pages : 122-125
Anand Pawar, Yogesh Supekar, Mahadev Shinde, Sachin Pandhare , Prof. P.S. Nagare
Abstract | PDF
34. Multipurpose Agriculture Vehicle
Pages : 126-129
Humbade A.B., Kalingwar C.M., Kadam. N.S., Davargave M.M., Prof. Lande.S.B.
Abstract | PDF
35. Design and Fabrication of Shock Absorbing Bumber
Pages : 130-133
Borse Kamlesh A., Kamble Akash M., Patel Mazher S., Prof Mr.C.M.Kamble
Abstract | PDF
36. A Study of Effective Scheduling Techniques for Improving the Profitability of Construction Firms
Pages : 134-137
Sachin Mohan Kalel, Prof. Hemant Salunkhe
Abstract | PDF
37. Heart Disease Prediction System Using Decision Tree Classifier
Pages : 138-140
Deepa V. Shete, Prof.Deshmane K. A.
Abstract | PDF
38. A Study of Total Dissolved and Total Suspended Solids About the My Samples of the Wastewater
Pages : 141-145
Nilesh Gaikwad, Prof.Sagar Gavande
Abstract | PDF
39. Treatment of Sulphate Removal in Industrial Wastewater with Hydrated Lime, Activated Charcoal Prepared From Sugarcane Waste, Alum & Aloe Vera
Pages : 146-150
Mr.Gaikwad Nilesh Nanaso, Prof. Gawande Sagar M.
Abstract | PDF

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